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Computer Repair

We know that when your computer or laptop breaks you need a quick, easy computer repair. You use your computer for work, home, email, browsing and so much more. Our professionally trained staff provides efficient and meticulous on-site repair services for your desktop or laptop needs. 

computer repair
battery replacement

Battery Replacement

Laptop battery life can decline due to a number of factors. Heat, usage, age – all of these things are bad for batteries. There are precautions you can make to help your battery last longer, but when the time comes for a complete replacement, you need to be careful with your decision. Cheap aftermarket batteries can be dangerous and literally go up in flames. Our trusted providers guarantee a safe, high quality battery replacement delivered to us that will last you for a long time to come.

Virus Removal

A computer virus can remain dormant on your computer without showing major signs or symptoms for quite some time. This makes it hard to determine when or where it was downloaded on your computer. That’s why we can go into your syst

em, eliminate the virus and install a trusted antivirus product to prevent this from happening again. To avoid this from happening again, you can:

  • Avoid clicking on any pop-up advertisements
  • Always scan your email attachments before opening them
  • Always scan the files that you download using file sharing programs. 

virus removal

Hardware Upgrades

Hard Drive Upgrade

Hard Drives

It can be cheaper to upgrade your hard drive than it is to buy a new computer. Our computer professionals can install a new hard drive in less than an hour. New hard drives are more reliable, increase speed and improve overall performance.

power supply upgrade

Power Supplies

A failing power supply doesn’t mean the end of life for your computer. An upgrade in your powers supply can not only bring your computer back to life, it can run quieter and use less electricity. 

computer memory upgrade

Memory Upgrade

Upgrading your memory will allow your computer to do a more effective job depending on how you use your computer. It allows you to run multiple programs more efficiently, faster network performance, and faster internet browsing. 

Data Recovery

Nothing is worse than not having access to your files because of a broken computer or hard drive. In most cases that information is still there, just a little harder to get to. But don’t give up hope. Our team of computer repair technicians are highly trained to recover even the most hard to get data. Bring your device to us for a free analysis so we can determine the next best steps in getting your information back in your hands.